Brothers’ 911 call saves their dying grandma’s life

WISCONSIN —  An Wisconsin woman says she’s alive today thanks to the quick actions of her two grandsons. The two brothers worked together to save their grandmother’s life; while one called 911 to alert authorities, the other unlocked doors and put away family pets. Read more about their brave actions in the full story below.



“An Eau Claire woman says she’s alive today thanks to the quick actions of her two grandsons.

Linda Jindra was watching her two grandsons after her son and daughter in law gave birth to their daughter.

Jindra says when she went to the bathroom to get ready, she became extremely dizzy and fainted from what she thought was low blood sugar. It turned out to be something far worse.

“The aorta to my spleen had bursted and my stomach was full of blood,” said Jindra.

Jindra yelled for her grandsons, 9-year-old Jude Johnson and his brother, 12-year-old Wade.

“I was scared so I tried my best to help her,” said Jude.

Jude called 911. He said he was able to provide them with accurate information like their address, his grandma’s age, and her current condition.

“He kept such great composure,” said Jindra. “I’m the proudest grandma.”

Wade also helped while Jude was on the line with the operator by putting their pets away and unlocking the front door for the emergency responders.

She says if it weren’t for both of her grandsons calling 911, she probably wouldn’t be here today.

They said if I would’ve waited a few more minutes, I wouldn’t have made it,” said Jindra.

She says the boys earned a new title in her heart as her heroes.

“It’s cool that I saved my grandma,” said Jude. “I’m just a kid. I’m proud of myself.”

This all happened the day before Thanksgiving. Although the family wasn’t able to have their Thanksgiving dinner, Jindra says the bravery of her grandsons was the best gifts she could have received.” 

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