BREAKING: Boy celebrated for helping injured school bus driver

BREAKING NEWS — A 13-year-old boy knew exactly what to do when a sheet of ice caused an injury to his Michigan school bus driver, and even went as far as to help stop her bleeding until emergency assistance arrived.

News reports say he, along with several other students, immediately jumped into action after a slab of ice crashed through their bus window. Read more about his heroic actions in the full story below!



“A sheet of ice flew off the top of a semi truck and crashed through the windshield of a school bus Tuesday in Shelby Township.

The bus had just left Malow Junior High School and was full of students when the ice hit it on 25 Mile Road near Van Dyke. The Utica Community Schools bus driver was badly injured, but still managed to pull off to the side of the road. Students called 911 and rushed to help.

One particular young man really stepped up when the incident happened. Anthony Lulgjuraj, 13, said he was just doing what his mother taught him to do in case of an emergency.

“I got up from the back of the bus and I used the radio near the driver and I called dispatch,” Lulgjuraj said. “I said Bus 68 has crashed and the bus driver is bleeding from her head down.”

After several students called 911, Lulgjuraj held a towel against the bus driver’s face and head. He calls her Ms. Gail and he said he wanted to stop the bleeding.

“I tried my best and I did what I needed to do because she’s the best bus driver I know,” he said.

As has been reported, that piece of ice came from the top of a truck heading int the opposite direction on 25 Mile Road. Everyone agrees the bus driver was the hero in all of this. She was injured and her first instinct was the pull over and protect the kids.

Lulgjuraj’s mom, Maria Lulgjuraj, said she is proud her son tried to protect the bus driver.

“I’m truly happy that my sons helped someone in need,” she said.

The Malow Junior High School principal wanted to honor Lulgjuraj for his good deed and did so with a video that played inside the school this week.

Lulgjuraj said he remained calm during the chaos thanks to lessons he learned from his mom during frequent family meetings.

“I wouldn’t say I’m a hero, I just helped someone when they needed it,” Lulgjuraj said.”

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