NEWSLETTER: What is an EMD? And how do they save lives?

NEWSLETTER — Imagine this; your child has stopped breathing, and you don’t know CPR. You’ve called 911, and help is on it’s way. But, do you think your child would have a better chance of surviving if your dispatcher knew exactly how to walk you through administering medical help, like CPR, over the phone? The answer is yes, and emergency call centers around the country are starting to offer help like this over the phone as more dispatchers start to receive an Emergency Medical Dispatch certification.


The Pyramid Consulting newsletter is taking a closer look at the Emergency Medical Dispatch certification this June, asking what exactly is an EMD? And is it worth the extra time and money to obtain? Check out our newsletter for more info!

JUNE 19 newsletter 1.jpg

JUNE 19 newsletter 2.jpg

Want more info on the APCO sponsored EMD program? Click here!

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